On the rugged Great Blasket Island, change is in the wind.

For a proud but isolated community, it’s a time of crisis. For two young people it’s a time of wonder. They are two very different people, falling very much in love. But love is never easy, and sometimes it isn’t enough.

With most of its population lost to emigration or the unforgiving sea, the Great Blasket’s aging inhabitants face a heartbreaking choice: remain and face the growing dangers of its fierce, unpredictable weather, or leave their homes for the safety of the mainland. While many are prepared to surrender what a century of Atlantic storms could not rip from their grasp, young Brigid O’Sullivan has no intention of joining them.

The Blasket’s restless spirit matches her own, and its wild isolation suits her. She thinks nothing on the mainland could ever tempt her to leave – until the day she meets the sunlit, blue-eyed gaze of Tom McBride.

Like many in the coastal towns along the Dingle Peninsula, Tom views the island as a desolate outpost and has no desire to go there, but when a visitor on official business begs a ride, he reluctantly agrees. As he steers his uncle’s fishing boat across the Blasket Sound, Tom is prepared to encounter a remnant of withered, superstitious people, never suspecting that one of them—dark-eyed and raven-haired—will be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

From the award-winning author of the Conor McBride Series, this heartwarming love story shines as bright as the Emerald Isle itself.

“A flawless gem of a story.”

For those who enjoy Irish history and Irish fiction, romance, modern fairy tales, and a good old-fashioned love story.

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About the Author
Author of the award-winning Conor McBride Series, Kathryn Guare’s character-driven novels are all somewhere on the spectrum between romance and suspense, and some are even perfectly balanced between the two. She has a passion for exploring diverse cultures and cuisine, Classical music and all things Celtic, and has a habit of mixing these into her stories along with other topics and enthusiasms that capture her interest. Formerly, as an executive with a global health advocacy organization, she traveled extensively throughout the world. Currently, as a native Vermonter, she hates to leave home during foliage season.

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