At some point in their life, most Christians have walked through the doors of their church on Sunday morning and wondered what it really means to live a Christian life. Unfortunately, few ever do more than warm a pew on Sunday and try to be a “good person” throughout the week. But the reality is…

Jesus called us to change the world… starting with ‘the least of these.’

Dan King, popular blogger and founder of, wrestled for several years with this idea of what it means to serve like Jesus did. That is, until he started researching the topic of poverty and what the Christian response to it looks like. One little writing project triggered a series of events, like dominoes, that eventually led him on an unlikely trip to Africa. It was a trip that would change things forever.

Follow Dan’s journey not only on a poverty-fighting trip through Africa, but also on the journey of discovery as the mission trip helps him find purpose and meaning in his Christian walk.

In addition to the stories of people and experiences on that trip to Africa, the book is full of practical ideas and exercises that will challenge you discover world-changing passion whether it takes you half-way around the world or keeps you right at home in your own backyard.

Where you go isn’t the important thing, but what you do with the gift you’ve been given is.

You have a unique gift, and God intends for you to use it to build His Kingdom. You can join Dan in this incredible journey today and discover a sense of purpose that will ignite your Christian faith in ways you’ve never expected!

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Christ-follower. husband. father. school of ministry and missions instructor. facebook channel editor for co-founder and media director for the movement. social media dude for chief instigator at

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