They say you can never go home. If you do, better watch your back. Kathryn McNabb reluctantly returns to her hometown after she receives an unexpected inheritance: half the manufacturing company her father founded years before his tragic suicide.

Unfortunately, the inheritance comes with strings attached— namely Benjamin Nowak, the son of the man who ruined her father. Benjamin is determined to keep the plant open despite Kathryn’s plans to sell it, jeopardizing the main source of jobs in the small town. While Benjamin and Kathryn alternate between butting heads and playing nice, someone is watching. Someone who’s desperate enough to kill to keep a long-buried secret.

“A heartwarming and intriguing tale filled with suspense and emotion up to the very end”. ~ Library Journal Reviews on Too Close to Home

“Kathryn McNabb is a strong and independent heroine with strong convictions and tragic memories. Ben Nowak is a fantastic leading man. He is complex and compelling and because they share a past it is great to just jump right in to the emotional turmoil…. This is a solid mystery with substantial characters and makes for an entertaining read”. ~ Night Owl Romance Reviews on Too Close to Home
About the Author
Alison Stone discovered her love of writing romantic suspense after leaving her corporate engineering job to raise her four children. Constantly battling the siren call of social media, Alison blocks the Internet and hides her smartphone in order to write fast-paced books filled with suspense and romance. Married for almost twenty-five years, Alison lives in Western New York, where the summers are gorgeous and the winters are perfect for curling up with a book–or writing one.

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