“Jesus is preparing a new work with His church. He is readying men and women of God who are willing to do whatever it takes to draw near to Him and to follow Him. The day is coming when He will build through us, where all that we do will truly flow from the King himself. In such a time, His church will be a force for good as nothing else. As the world grows increasingly dark, His people will shine like never before, not because of our good works, but because of Him. This is the call upon the Kingdom church.”

Aimed at both His people and His church, This book reveals Jesus’ desire to move in a mighty way upon the earth. It is both a study and a call of what it is to live in His Kingdom and to follow Him. Broken down step by step with the Bible, it examines what Jesus said about the Kingdom of God and the implications of that for our lives and our churches.

About the Author
Benjamin Sealey is a pastor from the UK. His passion is to see the church walk in a closer relationship with Jesus, moving with Him and His Spirit in all things. Benjamin is also the author of “Restoring the Heart of Worship.”

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