Do you need a specific verse for your problem or situation, but don’t have the time to search the entire Bible? Targeted Bible Verses can help you when you want to do a quick devotion and want to apply certain scriptures to meet your need.

You’ll find several verses for finances, healing, peace, protection, salvation, strength, and wisdom. These verses can be used as personal declarations, devotional study, prayer points, and witnessing aids.

S. R. Sinclair is a SEO content business writer and an ecommerce business owner. The author’s holds a B.S. in Human Resources Development from Oakland University, a MSA in Information Science, and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University.

The author has experience in human resources, marketing, sales, Christian youth leadership and education. One of the author’s primary interests and experience is in managing community food distribution programs. S. R. Sinclair is passionate about developing motivational literary works to help readers discover their hidden potential and life’s purpose.

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