Steeple Envy - Losing My Religion and Rediscovering JesusCould it be that the church has become something other than what Jesus intended? Did he have in mind the construction of multi million dollar buildings and pastors who achieve rock star status, when he sacrificed everything and allowed himself to be beaten and crucified? Is there any place in the Bible where Jesus encourages his followers to pursue their best life now? Should programs come before the basic needs of people? And is there any Biblical justification for the competition that we see among churches today?

The evidence is all around us. Steeple envy is everywhere. Consumerism, competition and corporate America have infiltrated the church and have left us with something radically different from what we read in the pages of the Bible. Pastor and author Victor Cuccia takes us on a journey of rediscovering that which is beautiful about our faith, while at the same time challenging us to rethink much of what we have come to know as “church”.

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