In 2013, Nick F. Nelson had to make the toughest decision of his life, to take his ailing father off life support ending his decade long battle with diabetes. Now faced with the responsibility of caring for his mother with Alzheimer’s, Nelson struggled to maintain his work and personal life. His breaking point came when his pastor and father-figured died that same year. On the surface he was keeping all together, while on the inside he was falling apart.

As Chief Marketing Officer for LIQUID SOUL, the nation’s premier sports and entertainment marketing firm, Nelson has convinced multicultural audiences to “tune in” to some of the industry’s most recognizable film and television programs. In his new book, STAY TUNED, Nelson sets his sight on a new audience, men.

In STAY TUNED, Nelson explains that there are new rules and increased expectations of men today and warns readers of the dangers of staying tuned to their career while “tuning out” in their personal lives. STAY TUNED is an instructional guide to overcoming life-altering challenges and finding a way to personal fulfillment.

While the book is written from a man’s perspective, it also provides valuable insight for women who want to understand what confronts professional men as they navigate the business world while keeping their families at the center of their daily lives.

Men will see themselves in the compelling stories Nelson tells about his failures and successes; his deepest desires and fears; and his relationships with family members, especially his mother, his son, and his spouse. Through it all, Nelson offers wisdom and tools that have helped him on his journey to find peace and spiritual connection with God.

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About the Author
Nick F. Nelson is the Principal and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for LIQUID SOUL -the country’s premier strategic communications and marketing firm for entertainment and consumer brands. Nelson’s desire to positively impact the lives of working professionals worldwide prompted his exploration into authorship. His debut book, STAY TUNED, is an instructional guide for professional men, and the women who support them, to over- coming life-altering challenges and finding a path to personal fulfillment.

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