WHEN THE DISCIPLES WITNESSED the power of prayer in Jesus’ life they wanted to pray like Him. Prayer was an integral component of Jesus Christ’s character and ministry. Through the Lord’s Prayer, Christ gave believers the secret to an effective and fruitful prayer life. Since prayer is a heartfelt communication between believers and God, knowing God as the Father and King transforms how we value prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is an invitation for all believers to savor at the revelation of God as our Father and King.

The Lord’s Prayer reveals 6 amazing treasures for the Christian life made possible through the Cross
•God is Our Father
•God is Our King
•God has a Will for Us
•God is Our Provider
•We Participate in God’s Nature
•Our Hearts Desire God

The Secret Place is a prayer slacker’s guide through the Lord’s Prayer.

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From the Author
Christianity is littered with prayer cliché, prayer works, prayer changes things, PUSH – pray until something happens. We have the bumper stickers, have worn the T-shirt or bought the DVD, but did that transform your prayer? I will be lying if I say I have found the secret, I don’t.

After noticing my prayer life hitting a dry patch, I began questioning if I knew what prayer was. I believe God led me to Luke 11 and Matthew 6 there I discovered how knowing God revolutionize prayer. Our prayer life is energized not by knowing what, why or how we pray, rather through the knowing who we pray to.

The Secret Place is my new book focusing on how knowing God transforms prayer. The book explores the petitions listed in the Lord’s Prayer and the parables on prayer and the kingdom of heaven. My prayer is after, especially during, reading this book you will be moved to a deeper, intimate relationship with God.

Edmond Sanganyado is an ardent blogger, addicted bookworm and apparently a writer. He lives in California with his stunning wife, two awesome sons and a stressful load of graduate research project.

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