Widowed and desolate, August Weston has enveloped himself in the seclusion of his farm on the outskirts of Bodie, California. Apart from his meddling pastor, August mourns the death of his wife quietly, barely aware of the slowly growing mining town where he was raised.

His routine life is abruptly upset one day when Cora Hampton appears at his door, seeking the whereabouts of her sister who has been missing for six months.

Feeling a kinship to this woman, August agrees to help her in the quest to find young Delilah who has run off to marry a man forbidden to her father. As they investigate, they are drawn into an unfamiliar world of thugs and ruffians, one of which has Delilah.

The two are met with danger at every turn, trusting only one another in a town where anyone can be bought…

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