REGENER8 is an 8-week devotional, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a foundation builder – a blueprint for life.

It’s relevant and controversial. It’s in your face.

REGENER8 takes the training wheels off your spiritual sprint and rips down the speed limit signs. This fast-paced book will challenge you in every area of your life. While this book is packed with life-changing truth, we opted for no preservatives and no sugar-coating. Just 100% of your daily allowance of in-your-face Gospel truth.

The only requirement is that you leave your preconceived notions about God and Jesus at the door, and commit to a journey of change based on God’s spiritual truths. Are you up for the challenge of REGENER8? Are you tough enough to handle 8 weeks, 8 lessons, and 8 truths? Are you tired of playing life? If so, let’s REGENER8 your life.

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About the Author

Robert Cook is the Pastor, Founder and Executive Director of 252 Underground Youth Ministry but those are nothing more than just titles to him. He comes from the very streets he now ministers on and His heart resonates with this generation, with you.

Rob understands why you don’t like church, feel judged and think “Christians” are hypocrites. He’s been there. But he didn’t stay there and he wants you to know the ‘street’ isn’t all there is.

Rob’s desire is to introduce you to Jesus and to build a bridge between you and a God who really does love you. Rob Lives in Dublin, Pa. with his family.

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