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The Eyes of a Stranger

The Eyes of a Stranger

Nan's Heritage Series Book 4

Elaine Littau
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Rejection was an emotion Gertie Brenan knew well. At the age of eighteen, she finds hersef at the threshold of life and comes to realize that because of the rejection of her fiance', many options are open to her. In her childhood, rejection held her captive. Now, it gives her freedom that few women of her time were afforded.

Set in the beauty of Denver, Colorado in the1860s, The Eyes of a Stranger folllows vivid characters who are fraught with conflict, sorrow, and the tenacity to build a life in the frontier of the Western United States.


ISBN: 9781458181282
Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 229
Release Date: 25.11.2013
Language: English
Format: Kindle eBook
Elaine Littau

Elaine Littau enjoys writing books. Her first series was the Nan's Heritage Series which includes "Nan's Journey", "Elk's Resolve", "Luke's Legacy", "The Eyes of a Stranger", and "Timothy's Home". Her second series is, "Rescued...A Series of Hope". Book 1 in this series is "Some Happy Day". Book 2, is "Capture the Wandering Heart". Book III is "Walk Slowly Through the Dark". Book IV is "The Restless Kansas Wind". Book V is -"Running to Her Future".

She began writing a new genre in November 2012 with the title "Six Miles From Nashville". It is a story that takes place in 1975 about a girl from Guymon, Oklahoma who goes to a large Bible College in Missouri. Her first launch into adulthood lands her in difficult situations involving much loss and challenges: "Six Miles from Nashville"

Book II in The Nashville Series is "Christmas in Nashville." This book is a continuation of Betty's story, but it also develops the story of her brother and his experiences as a Vietnam POW. New characters are introduced who add to the challenges of life in general.

Book III in the Nashville Series is "Restored" a book about rebuilding a life after incarceration.

Book IV in the Nashville Series is "Cowboys and Crude Oil". It follows a family introduced in the previous book. Ranching and Oil Field work ruled the rolling hills of Oklahoma. True to life situations are depicted in the challenges of working and living on the great plains.

In a departure from fiction, Elaine has released a devotional book based on her faith in God. "Whispers: Devotional Thoughts" is about Elaine's study of the Bible and inspirations in writing articles and giving speeches. 

Her first attempt at a humorous biography of sorts is "Three Teeth and a Toenail". It is about the crazy things that have happened to her family in their life together.

Elaine and her husband, Terry have been married many years and have enjoyed raising their 3 sons in the Texas Panhandle area where they live on a small acreage. They enjoy spending time with family and friends and especially playing with their five grandchildren. 

She enjoys public speaking and meeting her readers at book signings.