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Dirty Girls Come Clean

Dirty Girls Come Clean

Crystal Renaud
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You are not alone.

The sexual addictions
of pornography and masturbation are not just men's issues. They're women's issues,
too. Research shows that 25% of Christian women are addicted to pornography. But
70% of these women will never admit their struggle.

In Dirty Girls Come
, Crystal Renaud aims to change these statistics and help you gain freedom
from sexual addiction.

Why This Book?

So often, ministries
and tools for overcoming these sexual addictions are more accessible to men than
they are to women. Even if these ministries and tools were accessible to women,
they may not be as effective in giving freedom because women turn to pornography
for different reasons than men do.

Women need a resource crafted specifically
for them.

A Trusted Source

Crystal, founder of Dirty
Girls Ministries and AACC certified counselor, comes clean first. Her story of addiction
to pornography began when she was 10 years old and continued and intensified for
eight years.

During this time of sexual addiction, Crystal deceived and withdrew.
She came to know shame intimately, and she thought she was alone in her struggle.

After coming clean about her sexual addiction, Crystal also includes stories
of other women who have come clean about theirs.

A Plan for Freedom

is determined to help women come clean and, by God's grace and power, get free.

Addressing both the sexual addictions themselves as well as underlying issues
that cause them, Crystal provides a plan for freedom using the acronym SCARS.

Trusting the HealerC-Confession: Out of the DarknessA-Accountability:
Restoring Our Character R-Responsibility: Owning My Part of the Story S-Sharing:
God Never Wastes an Experience

In addition to her plan for freedom
from sexual addiction, Crystal provides other resources such as: personal inventories,
the twelve steps of sexaholics anonymous, online accountability programs, other
books, and links to recovery groups.

Join Crystal and many others who have
claimed freedom from sexual addiction. Now is your time to come clean and be free.

"With the recent release of Crystal's book Dirty Girls Come Clean
women now have the tools they need to fight a battle that many assume only ensnares

I can only imagine what kind of hope and encouragement this
book is going to offer women who have believed for years, decades, that they were
the only ones struggling and there was no hope for them."

-Book review
by Marsha Fisher on

An Excerpt from the First Chapter:

This book is for you, the woman who feels alone in addiction
to pornography. I don't believe in coincidences. This book is in your hands because
God wants to speak some truth to you, and, for whatever reason, He's chosen to use
this book to do so.

The dark cloud of this addiction is far-reaching. Pornography
addiction knows no path other than one of destruction, isolation, and suffocation.
Pornography addiction knows no creed. Pornography addiction knows no gender.

are all sexual beings. If not, you and I would not be living on this earth. So to
believe that pornography can only be a man's problem is not only false, but it is
an ignorant lie that comes from the enemy.

The enemy, Satan, deceived Even
in the garden of Eden by convincing her that if she ate the forbidden fruit, she
would be like God. She in turn offered Adam the fruit, he took some, and as a result
of their disobedience, they were expelled from the beautiful garden where they had
enjoyed perfect fellowship with God. Satan's goal was to destroy. And the enemy
has been trying to destroy women ever since.

From the first bite of forbidden
fruit to pornography addiction, the enemy will use whatever he can to deceive us
and keep us ineffective for use in the kingdom of God.

May you find comfort
in knowing that not only are you not alone in your struggle, but there is hope for
breaking the stronghold of this addiction.

And that hope comes from Jesus.

I write this book from a Christian point of
view because it is my personal belief that Jesus is the reason I stand free from
pornography today. But as I said, pornography addiction knows no creed. Pornography
affects everyone. So it is my hope that the steps provided throughout this book
will be beneficial to all women, from all walks of life.

You were created
for so much more than this life you've been living. Life is to be lived abundantly.
It is time to come on out from behind the bushes.

Life is waiting. 


ISBN: 9780802477798
Moody Publishers
Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 158
Release Date: 24.03.2011
Language: English
Format: Kindle eBook