Dejected by another, Pearl finds herself answering an ad to help a widower and his little baby girl. Can Pearl help heal Grant’s grief-ridden heart, or will she simply find herself longing for yet another man that will never be hers?

Pearl Thompson has been madly in love with Peter Norris for several years. When he returns home for the holidays, she hopes that this will be her chance to confess her love to him. But when he returns escorting his new betrothed, her world comes crashing down.

Grant Wilson had his life shattered when his wife passed away in childbirth last fall. He found himself left struggling to navigate his grief while caring for his new baby girl. There seems to be no hope of things getting any better, until Grant’s brother steps in, and sends for a mail order bride on his behalf. Grant is shocked at her arrival, but allows her to stay to care for Emily, but assures her that he has no interest in marriage.

Confident that he must never allow himself to love again, can he follow through with their agreement, or will love find a way to make a new beginning for them both…

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