Join Opal as she ventures to the west to find love and more importantly escape her past that has threatened to take over her very happiness. Will she allow herself to trust again, and will that trust be broken the moment she opens up?

Opal’s life has been planned out to the finest of details but as tragedy strikes, her whole life is thrown into turmoil. Those who were put in charge of protecting her are the very ones scheming to hurt her. With the impending misfortune of leaving her home, she turns to the personals and answers the request to become a mail order bride to a man she has never met before.

Nathan is in need of a mother for his daughter who just recently lost hers and the only option he sees is to request one. What he didn’t bargain for was how beautiful Opal would be. He was finding himself becoming so quickly attached to her with the memory of his late wife still fresh in his mind.

Opal immediately falls for Nathan with his piercing blue eyes that catapults her into a world of hope and promise. But his daughter is still raw with hurt and may just be the factor to either break or strengthen their relationship. Read to find out how they overcome these struggles and realize just how much they love each other.

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