A LOVE FOR SOLOMON is inspired by the Biblical story of a farmer’s daughter who captivated two kings of Israel: David, and his son, Solomon.

Thousands of years ago, Abishag, a farmer’s daughter, leaves her home and family in Sulam to become a handmaiden to King David. Even while she serves the wise and fatherly king, she yearns for romance and marriage.

Then, when King David dies, instead of remaining in the royal harem, Abishag returns to Sulam—but she soon realizes it was a mistake to go home. In despair, she knows of only one safe place to flee: the king’s palace.

Back at the palace, she unexpectedly finds favor in Solomon’s eyes—he’s a man she’s long admired and desired. But another powerful man wants her, too. And both men want the throne…

When their passions rise, and with the eyes of Israel upon them, can a common country girl even hope to match wits and words of love with a learned, poetic king?

A LOVE FOR SOLOMON (The Story of Abishag, the Shulamite) is about a young woman’s desire for love and fulfillment. A LOVE FOR SOLOMON’s bestselling Christian author, Summer Lee, has written more than twenty fiction titles inspired by the Bible.

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