Living a Prayerful Life by Andrew Murray free eBookWriting to encourage believers, Murray desired that all Christians discover the abundant life in Christ available to those who pray fervently. Identifying prayerlessness as a serious sin of omission, he instructs sincere believers in how to be delivered from this sin and make prayer a priority, resulting in the blessing of renewed fellowship with Christ. Originally titled The Prayer Life, this devotional classic includes examples from the lives of the apostle Paul, George Müller, Hudson Taylor, and more.

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Table of contents:

  1. The sin of prayerlessness
  2. The cause of prayerlessness
  3. The fight against prayerlessness
  4. How to be delivered from prayerlessness
  5. How deliverance from prayerlessness might continue
  6. The blessing of victory
  7. The more abundant life
  8. The example of our Lord
  9. The Holy Spirit and prayer
  10. A proper knowledge of what sin is
  11. The holiness of God
  12. The importance of obedience
  13. The victorious life
  14. Suggestions for private prayer
  15. The use of time and the example of Paul
  16. Ministers of the Spirit
  17. Preaching and prayer
  18. Wholeheartedness
  19. “Follow Me”
  20. The Holy Trinity
  21. Life and Prayer
  22. Are we carnal or spiritual?
  23. Light from the inner room
  24. The Spirit of the Cross in our Lord
  25. The Spirit of the Cross in us
  26. We are crucified with Christ
  27. The Holy Spirit and the Cross
  28. The Cross in contrast to the flesh and the world
  29. The Spirit and the Cross
  30. Christ, our example
  31. Epilogue

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