The night Wesley’s wife died changed his life. Now, three years later he takes a job as a brand new pastor at an old church. Young, inexperienced, and unprepared, Wesley dives into the task of saving a dying church while coming to grips with his past and discovering his own capacity for love.

Then, a teenager commits suicide and Wesley’s world is turned upside down once again. Mitford, this ain’t.

About the Author

The old cliche about writers having a multitude of jobs? I hated that.

I have been at my current position for over twenty years. I spent thirteen years in the National Guard – about half of that full time.

Then I thought back…at ten I washed dishes on the weekends for a local restaurant…at twelve I was a curb hop…various fast food establishments through high school and the college years…I delivered pizzas…worked on a loading dock…delivered newspapers. Sold insurance.

Proud father and grandfather (let me show you my pictures!)…former Girl Scout leader (the things we do for our kids)…Sunday School teacher…soup kitchen volunteer.

I watched my house burn. Suicide seems to run in the family and I have owned some amazing dogs.

“A Good Boy” is my first novel.

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