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Self-Help & Counselling

Drowning In Plain Sight: A Survival Story (Kindle Edition)
Hurry Less Worry Less at Christmas (Kindle Edition)
Joyful Christmas Reflections: Twelve Men & Women Who Impacted Eternity (Kindle Edition)
Your Marriage, God's Mission (Kindle Edition)
The Widow Coach: Guiding Widows Out of Pain To An Extraordinary Life (Kindle Edition)
Scarves of WHITE: Replacing Our Issues with the Covering of Christ (Kindle Edition)
The Life and Prayers of Saint Michael the Archangel (Kindle Edition)
Our Story: Every Love Story is Beautiful,  But We Admire Ours the Most (Kindle Edition)
Hearing His Voice: Meeting Jesus in the Garden of Promise (Kindle Edition)
Expect Greatness: Living a Life of Excellence (Kindle Edition)
Giants are for Slaying: Face your challenge and win (Kindle Edition)
Husband of Significance (Kindle Edition)
Granny's Guide to Marriage in Verse - Daily Devotions and Wisdom for Brides (Kindle Edition)
WINGS: A Journey in Faith from the Earthly to the Heavenly - Holiday Section (Kindle Edition)
You Aren't Worthless: Unlock the Truth to Godly Confidence (Kindle Edition)
Second Chances: Nehemiah study (Kindle Edition)
King Solomon's Genuis: Wisdom Made Simple (Kindle Edition)
Simplicity: 1,000 Ways To Reduce Stress and Simplify Your Life Starting Today (Kindle Edition)
Intentional Love: 31 Ways to Love Your Husband with Purpose (Intentional Love Challenge) (Kindle Edition)
Intentional Love: 31 Ways to Love Your Wife With Purpose (Intentional Love Challenge Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
CHRISTIANITY ZERO POINT ZERO: The Real Christianity: Christianity According to Jesus: More than Mere Christianity, The Reason for God and Finding Truth ... Meditations Wisdom Literature Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Prayers for Peace and Justice (Kindle Edition)
Fix Your Marraige Before It's Broken: Practical Insight on How to Protect Your Relationship (Kindle Edition)
Second Marriage: An Insider's Guide to Hope, Healing & Love (Kindle Edition)
Happiness Quotes: Inspirational Picture Quotes about Happiness: Motivational Images about Being Happy (Leanjumpstart Life Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Your Little Steps to Self Confidence for Life: Includes a free 30 day personal development course
WINGS: A Journey in Faith Sample J - UPGRADING TO GOD'S REALITY (Kindle Edition)
Random Ramblings of a Raving Redhead: Daily Devotional for Women (Giggles and Grace Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Difficult People: The Art Of Dealing With Difficult People - No More Conflict, Discussions, Abuse, And Resentment at Work, Home, Or In Relationships With ... Guide On How To Approach Difficult People (Kindle Edition)