The story begun in Dear Invader and Dear Citizen continues, with Isannah and her friends having to deal with continuing threats as they try to live their lives as well as they can despite the difficulties. Kindle short read. Novelette length.

Kathryn Judson was raised on a small farm just outside a small town in the American West. After college, she worked for many years as a newspaper reporter and columnist, but quit the news business to work with her husband in his office supply business. At first, they delivered office supplies and equipment over a vast area in Oregon and Idaho, but eventually they settled in the mountains of middle Oregon and opened up a shop there. They put in a few shelves of used books, in part to give customers something to do while waiting for computer repairs. The few shelves became a full row, and then two rows, and so on, until books took over the store, and the Judsons had one of the biggest independent bookstores in Oregon (nothing near as big as the very biggest, but larger and more lively than most). When Mr. Judson’s health took a turn for the worse, the bookstore was moved into a gas station, where there were employees to take over many of the duties. When Mr. Judson died, Mrs. Judson didn’t want to pick up the lease on the gas station, and got out of the bookstore business. She has been writing more or less full time since 2000.

Mrs. Judson moved from skeptic to Christian over the course of her writing career, and that change is reflected in her books.

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