A Practical Guide to Defining and Deploying Your Purpose to Live Life More Fully.

Do you ever feel that you are capable of so much more? Do you look at your life and wonder why you don’t feel more fulfilled? You know there must be more to this life. And you’re right. There is and you know it. Some people seem to be super-human. Their influence and accomplishments are endless. Do you want super powers too? How would you like to do more, be more impactful, and know your purpose made a difference? If only you could become super-charged…

In Choose Your Super Power, readers embark on a heroic adventure to define, develop and deploy their Life Purpose. Superheroes are rarely either super or heroic at the beginning of the story. Heroes have their own moral compass, their own autonomy. Readers work through the process of outlining their values and making sure they are deeply engrained.

The personalized exercises help readers who don’t yet know their Life Purpose to find it. Those who already understand their Purpose are guided in how to more clearly articulate it. How would you like to know and be able to articulate your Life Purpose? Choose your purpose. Choose your power.

Power is found in your purpose. In the final section, readers learn how to super-charge their purpose, making it a Super Power. Master your purpose and you super-charge it.

Join me on the journey of Purpose. Life is meant to be fully lived. Are you ready to rock your new Super Self?

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About the Author

D.C. Hackerott was often referred to, in her much younger days, as Wonder Woman. Apparently, a few people thought she looked like the super hero. Feeling compelled to live up to this moniker, she is now the mother of two young children whom she loves, and is married to her husband who occasionally dresses as Batman. By day, she has been a financial advisor for 17 years and wakes up — way too early — to be able to write books before the kids want breakfast. She occasionally escapes dirty diapers, dishes and laundry by helping teach, train, and coach other budding superheroes in the financial industry – far from home. By night, DC and her husband, Jeremiah, own a martial arts school where they teach taekwondo and jiu-jitsu (with kids underfoot). They are both 6th degree black belts in taekwondo and are great friends to have in a dark alley. In her ample spare time, she dirt bikes, camps, shoots, travels, and is an avid reader. Her motto is “The devil lives in your comfort zone. He likes it when you live there with him… so GET OUT!”

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