How to Be a Spirit-Filled Christian by Dan Delzell

How to Be a Spirit-Filled Christian by Dan Delzell

Some Christians associate the “Spirit-filled” life with a particular gift of the Spirit, or a particular feeling. In actuality, it is much deeper than those things. A Spirit-filled believer is a person under the control of the Holy Spirit, and flowing with much power from the Spirit. This book will help you learn just what that means, and how you can experience it yourself on a daily basis.

You will learn about the difference between happiness and joy, and why you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. You will come to see 7 reasons the Bible is so relevant, and how a person can have “the fear of the Lord” and a deep love for Him at the same time.

This book explains what it actually means to judge others, and whether or not New Testament rules facilitate Christian living. You will discover why you shouldn’t believe everything you think, as well as the difference between ‘peace with God’ and the ‘peace of God.”

And this book teaches how the Word of God brings both conviction and comfort, depending upon what we need to hear from the Holy Spirit at a particular time. And when you are finished with this book, you will know what it takes to experience peace like a river as a Spirit-filled believer.

D. L. Moody said that before we can be filled with the Holy Spirit, we must first be emptied. As we humbly bring our sin to Christ, each of us can launch into a new phase of discipleship for the Lord as we come to a deeper understanding of the Spirit’s work in our life. And we can do so with the power God freely provides for those who know His Son and wait upon the Holy Spirit for strength and wisdom.

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