The Third Installment in Ella Dessa’s Story

Florida’s alligator-infested swamps and flat landscapes fail to impress Ella Dessa McKnapp. She longs to abandon their journey and return to the beautiful Georgia Mountains, and when her husband’s two younger brothers ride away–heading for a village called Tampa–the fear of a Seminole Indian attack is ever present.

Ella Dessa and her husband must continue the journey alone, not realizing a tragedy will place her and their two children at the mercy of Indians and a runaway slave. Only the shelter of a deserted cabin and the return of her husband’s youngest brother bring the hope of peace. But will the hurricane of 1848 rip away that hope?

About the Author

Karen Campbell Prough writes Southern Historical Fiction and a broad range of short stories. Her stories quite often have romance or mysteries with a special twist. Seven of her short stories have been published in a variety of magazines, and she has won awards for them and two books. She knows her life-long desire to write comes from God. The heartfelt urge to be a storyteller has been with her since childhood, and she loves to tell stories that will linger with a reader … long after the last page is turned.

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