His Way to Pray: A Devotional Study of Prayer Keller looks at the prayer life of Jesus in this brief devotional designed to encourage the individual believer to draw near to God for guidance and strength.

Prayers come in “all shapes and sizes.” It may be a simple expression of thankfulness for an unexpected blessing. It may be a few moments of silence in awe of God’s majesty. Or it may be long hours of prolonged intercession for the needs of others. Whatever its form, real prayer is a living encounter with a living God. Best-selling devotional author W. Phillip Keller describes His Way to Pray as “an honest endeavor to lead the reader into close communion with our Father. It is intended to help people come to the living Lord Jesus Christ with confidence as their faithful Friend.” Keller looks at the prayer life of Jesus and discusses seven basic forms of prayer exemplified in the life and teachings of the Lord, including prayers of patience, confession, relinquishment, intercession, and stillness before God. Keller encourages us to take an honest look at our motivation and methods of prayer. Before the throne of grace, readers will realize anew the awesome power and peace of drawing near to God.

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W. Phillip Keller (1920-1997) wrote more than thirty-five books on Christian subjects, including his most popular book A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 The son of missionary parents in Kenya, Keller grow up in Africa before becoming a world citizen as a photographer, agronomist, and author. His books have over two million copies in print.

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