Love and Peril on the High Seas

Adventure novelist Emily Parker finds herself trapped in a dangerous world of terror and intrigue when she discovers that her long time boyfriend is actually a high profile, international drug lord.

In an attempt to escape with her life, Emily devises a plan to deliver concrete evidence to authorities that will take down the drug ring once and for all. And when she discovers that the plots in her books are much less frightening than reality, Emily is lucky to find that the strikingly handsome Ben Portman, alongside his team of Navy SEALs, is there to help her escape from the extensive reach of the drug lord’s mercenaries.

When Emily and Ben find themselves trapped on an isolated cruise ship that is being patrolled by the enemy, can they learn to trust each other enough to work as a team, or will they both end up at the bottom of the Atlantic?

This is a clean and wholesome romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

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