Pastoral Leadership and Church Administration Made Easy: Pastoral Resources for Busy PastorsWriting sermons and sermon outlines is difficult for many pastors, and negatively effects their pastoral leadership. That’s why Sermon Crunch exists.

If receiving your sermon message comes easy to you but putting it into a coherent, flowing, powerful delivery does not, then this book is for you. Sermon Crunch will help you in every regard when it comes to sermon writing and preaching!

Fashioned from 10 years of studying how to powerfully communicate, Sermon Crunch provides you with 7 structural pillars that help you:

• Go deeper than the normal introduction / body / conclusion
• Give yourself an excellent base from which to organize sermons
• Eliminate time wasted deciding how to arrange your prep work

A must-have book to add to your pastoral resources, Sermon Crunch revolutionizes your preaching life and the way you prepare for Sunday!

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About the Author

Caleb Breakey is the founder of and the author of Called to Stay, Dating Like Airplanes, and Sermon Crunch. began with a simple belief: that sermons should be touching lives, not collecting dust. That’s why the Team turns sermons into high-quality books that are accessible to people all over the globe.
Turning your sermon or sermon series into a book exposes more people to God’s Word, better equips you for counseling, accelerates future sermon prep, adds credibility to your ministry, and even helps make ends meet during tight times. John 21:25 tells us that the world itself couldn’t contain the books that would be written about the work of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to try anyway because, in Heaven, there will no longer be a need for sermons or books. Our time is now. If God so leads you, we’d love to work with you on your sermon or sermon series. Visit to learn more.

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