The path to healing is as unique as the individual who seeks it.

Restoring Virtue is a message of hope for all. This deeply personal and honest account details how Emily accessed the Atonement of Jesus Christ as a way to recover from the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Even for those who have not personally experienced the trauma of abuse, it inspires a thoughtful examination of one’s personal relationship with God. The narrative highlights virtues such as honesty, love, forgiveness, and service. And affirms it is possible to achieve happiness and peace after life’s darkest and most difficult challenges.

“Every time rain clouds hang on the mountains and the sun shines from the west, a full arcing double rainbow stretches over my backyard. A token sign of God’s promise. Evidence that with the perfect combination of trials and hope, a testimony is born.”

About the Author
Emily Hope is a wife, mother, daughter, and friend who lives in the beautiful state of Alaska. She began journaling at age 15 not realizing this practice would develop a talent and passion for writing.

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