You can live for many years and sit through many sermons without ever really coming to an in-depth understanding of the parables of Jesus. If you want to serve and obey Jesus, you should endeavour to understand the fundamentals of these teachings of Jesus.

In this, his twenty-seventh book, Matthew Robert Payne unpacks the parables for today and shows how you can live the life that Jesus promoted when he was on earth. This is the updated and expanded edition of the book he originally published in 2011.

Two reviewers of his original book said this:

“With heart-challenging explanations of the parables of Jesus, Matthew Robert Payne shares pieces of his life in the framework of the fifty-four parables of Jesus covered in The Parables of Jesus made Simple. This collection of essays reads like a scholarly, yet genuine conversation with a good friend and is written with honesty, transparency, and vigor. Matthew invites you to read the lessons of Christ, often times pleading with the reader to take hold of the weight of the words, then stepping back and offering no-nonsense applications for life….this book is definitely worth bringing into your library and your life.”

Angela Dicken
Freelance Writer

“You don’t need a PhD to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. You need selfless dedication, humility, and a hunger for truth….after sixty years on this earth, I have heard a few sermons, and Mr. Payne’s book stands as a delightful treasure.”

RC Martin
Professional Editor

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