“Greetings, favored woman! The Lord is with you!”

Mary's Story - A Special Christmas Message PDFI feel the words within me even as the musical notes fill my ears from behind me. I almost do not want to turn around but an odd expectancy stirs me. This voice is like none other I’ve ever heard. I turn around and then halt, with eyes wide open, my mouth falling more open than I would have liked. I have never seen anyone like him before. Even as the thoughts form in my mind I begin to sense that I’ve never felt this way around anyone before. Waves of power seem to emanate from him. His eyes speak of knowledge, his expression, unnatural kindness and joy. My knees feel weaker than I can bear. I lean against the wall and sink down to my stool. What is happening here? Who is this stranger who has called me favored? Me, of no significance or stature.

In her trademark combination of story and reflection, Jenny Erlingsson invites you to ponder the biblical story of Mary, opening yourself up to receive God’s daily invitations.

Christmas is just around the corner! In celebration of this Advent season, we are offering our beloved readers this free Mini-eBook (PDF) to pass on to your circle of friends and family.

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