God has designed your life to be beautiful and glorious for you, a believer in Christ. He wants you to enjoy what Christ has done. Yes, this has not been the experience for generations of Christians, but that does not mean His Word is not true. He is gradually bringing His Church into the fullness of what Christ died for. God wants you to rule over sin, demonic oppression, disease, poverty, guilt and shame, condemnation, depression, fear, etc., etc. All you have to do is learn how to live the life God has for you. You can be trained in spiritual things. You can learn to put the Word of God to work and see results.

The May edition of Glory & Grace Daily devotional, titled, “Keys to Enjoying Your Higher Life in Christ,” has thirty-one daily insights from the Word of God that will provoke victory in any area of your life. Get your copy today and ignite the higher life God has reserved for you.

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