This book is an inspiring collection of stories from women. Women who chose faith, forgiveness and God! It is a testimony to how Good God is! Each story is beautifully unique! These authors are from all over the world and from all walks of life. with one thing in common love for GOD! You will be blessed and touched by each story. You will find your story in the pages of this anthology!

About the Author
Let me introduce myself, I am Teresa Hawley Howard. I am a domestic violence survivor. I am an empowerment coach, speaker, author, radio host, and CASA volunteer.
Empowerment Coach at WOM Coaching, Co-Founder of Tribute Magazine, Spotlighting Women in East Texas, Founder and President of Take Action with Teresa, a nonprofit helping Domestic Violence Survivors, Founder of Women on A Mission Enterprises , inspiring and uplifting women to become authors and share their stories and gifts with the world! Radio Host o WOM Radio show, Spotlighting women who have overcome adversity and are giving back to their communities
Host of modern day woman podcast

 Author of Several books
Speaking Gods word into Your Life
Change your Mindset… Change your Life
12 Months to Reclaiming Your Life—A personal Journal
Finding my voice–Owning my truth my personal journey (coming November2016)
Women on a Mission Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs
From Fear to Freedom
The Keys to Becoming an Empowered Woman
The Adventures of Pink Doodle (children’s book coming in November 2016}

My mission in life is to help other women discover the passion and purpose for her life. I also want to help her walk through her pain, her limitations, and her own doubt and live the life she deserves. I know our words, our stories, our scars, and our pain can inspire, heal and give hope to another woman.

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