The Coming Flood: A Call for the Endurance and Faith of the SaintsThere is a flood coming that is beyond the imagination of the Western Church. That flood is the global genocide described in Revelation. Every Christian on the planet is either going to be caught up in a rapture or caught up in The Coming Flood. Which scenario do you think will require more faith to endure? If the rapture doesn’t happen, are you ready to stand firm in the face of death?

This book reveals an incredible amount of biblical evidence that Gentile Christians will be completely killed off during the Great Tribulation, and that the 144,000 described in Revelation will be a literal remnant of Messianic Jews that are protected by God during the pouring out of His wrath.

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About the Author

Jeremy is a professional engineer who loves to read the Bible and has applied his problem-solving skills to solving the puzzles in the book of Revelation. Jeremy is the youth pastor at his church and lives in Colorado with his lovely wife and his three awesome children adopted from Nicaragua.

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