How To Ensure That Your Christian Marriage Is Built Upon God’s Word

Within this book, I used the analogy of marriage as a dance, with God as the Master Choreographer. God is the original creator and inventor of marriage so He is the one who knows and teaches His children the intricate steps of the magnificent marriage dance. Each chapter of the book covers a particular aspect of married life, explaining what the Bible has to say about that aspect and how it can be applied within Christian marriages today.

Christian Marriage by Alexis G. RoldanThe topics start off with the basic step of having a relationship with God. This is the strong foundation on which everything else is built. From there it goes on to incorporating prayer and Bible reading into your marriage. When you make a regular habit of reading God’s word and joining hands together in prayer, you will find that your spiritual intimacy will grow. We then discuss finding the rhythm of effective communication and learning to resolve conflicts. The all important topic of how to handle finances is also tackled, along with a section on intimacy and romance. Being that a marriage between two people who love God and love each other is the ideal setting in which to raise a healthy family, the topic of children could not be overlooked. Household duties and chores, and the challenges of balancing marriage and a career are also topics within this book. And lastly, we cover the joy of blessing others as every Christian is blessed in order to be a blessing to others.

At the end of each chapter there are a few questions for reflection which will help you to process and digest the points that have been discussed. Throughout the book, numerous Bible verses are quoted or referred to and you are encouraged to have your Bible at hand to look up the relevant passages and discover God’s truth for themselves.

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Every married couple wants to be happy. As they exchange their vows on their wedding day, their minds and hearts are filled with thoughts, dreams and expectations of a happily-ever-after future. This is good and right, but what few anticipate is that it will require a large amount of perseverance and determination on the part of each spouse. A happy marriage is not going to happen automatically or easily. Right priorities need to be carefully set and meticulously maintained. And both spouses will need to be fully committed. After all, it takes two to tango, and in the context of a Christian marriage, it is a dance for three, as Jesus stretches out His arms, inviting each spouse to take His hand and learn the joyful, ordered steps of the magnificent marriage dance.

About Alexis G. Roldan

Alexis G. Roldan believes people in general are hurting today more than ever. Depression is at an all-time high, stress and anxiety are through the roof, and it seems as though more and more people are taking medications just to cope with their everyday lives. Alexis sincerely cares about others and wants to help. He frequently attends seminars given by experts in the field of human psychology, and has invested in many books and courses over the years. He has become an expert in knowing what makes people think the way they do.

As a Christian, Alexis believes that we can all benefit from strengthening our relationship with our creator. His belief is that God created every one of us in His own image, and has a purpose for all of our lives. Because of this, Alexis values and respects everyone. He sets an example by never judging anyone, no matter what their beliefs or personal preferences may be. This has allowed him to help others without prejudice.

For years, Alexis has been the go-to guy for family and friends whenever they’ve experienced any challenges in their lives. That, plus a strong desire to help others, inspired him to write books for people seeking advice. If you are facing any issues in your personal or spiritual life, or with any relationships, Alexis is a guy you can turn to. He has helped so many others resolve their problems and overcome challenges in their lives, and he can help you too.

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