God Is Not Cruel: An In-Depth Analysis of God’s Apparent Acts of Cruelty Found in the Bible

God Is Not Cruel: An In-Depth Analysis of God’s Apparent Acts of Cruelty Found in the Bible

This work was written to increase the reader’s understanding and appreciation of God’s character, His love for righteousness, His great wisdom and His unending love. Above all, it is meant to strengthen the reader’s faith and trust in the Almighty, so that he/she may turn to Him with total assurance in the fact that He is a Father who is always fair, just, and loving.

To accomplish this aim, this book will analyze many major events that have been used by atheists and others as evidence of God’s alleged cruelty; but it will do so in a way that is both original and unusual. Each analysis will begin with the thought-provoking, hypothetical question, “What if God…?” Afterwards every event will be explored in depth. Lastly, the author will address what might have happened if God had handled each event differently.

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In this work the reader will clearly see that God’s actions are invariably wise, fair and just. No matter how seemingly cruel or unjustified, every one of his interventions, when looked at closely, reveals great love, patience, wisdom and justice.

About the Author

MICHAEL CAPUTO has been a Christian Minister since 1985. Michael has ministered to churches in both Europe and North America. He is the author of several apologetic works, such as the award-winning, God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds. Michael has been a part-time college-level educator for 16 years. He is also the author of various web sites, including, Militant Atheism Exposed and God and Jesus Christ:Their Nature, Will and Word. Michael resides in Canada with His beautiful wife, Leonilda and his three children, Anthony, Julie and Victor.

“Do you ever talk to people who are very negative about God? If so then this book will give you some great ideas for how to handle this type of criticism. Michael Caputo examines events in the Bible that atheists find most objectionable. Like the flood, etc. I found his arguments to be very logical. He seems to have insight into God’s mind that few possess. He takes you step-by-step through the Bible and explains why each event occurred as it did and also explains what would have happened if God had not taken steps to eradicate evil.” (R.R. –Reader)