The Grieving Parents Club: How to Survive, Cope and Heal After the Death of a Child

The Grieving Parents Club: How to Survive, Cope and Heal After the Death of a Child

The Grieving Parents ClubLike millions of other parents, Dr. Kelly Barbour-Conerty was living a normal life, spending time with her daughters, watching them grow up and making plans for their futures. Then, in the blink of an eye, along with the screeching of tires and the crushing of a metal car frame, that normality came to a sudden and horrific end. Her 16 year-old daughter, Lexi, was killed in a car crash only 1 ½ miles from home on the way to a meeting of her church youth group, and Kelly instantly became the newest member of The Grieving Parents Club.

For years, Kelly has lived and struggled with a new normal-one that doesn’t include Lexi. Like so many other grieving parents before her, she has grappled with the big questions–Why did this happen to my child? How can I go on without my child? and the small ones-Do I hang a Christmas stocking? What should I do with her things?

Kelly knows first-hand of the darkness that comes with the grief after the death of a child, but with the help of other members of the Club who felt her pain and kindly offered advice at every stage of the grieving process, she has learned how to survive, cope and heal, and how to bring a ray of light, hope, and joy to other grieving parents.

If you are a grieving parent, or know one, Kelly’s new Amazon #1 bestseller, The Grieving Parents Club: How to Survive, Cope and Heal after the Death of a Child, can help. By sharing her journey through this hardest grief and the insights that she has gained over the years from other members of the Club, Kelly hopes to let other grieving parents know that they are never alone in their journey.

No matter what, members of the Grieving Parents Club will be there to help each other.

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Dr. Kelly Barbour-Conerty is a mother, teacher, marathoner, and Amazon #1 bestselling author of “The Grieving Parents Club: How to Survive, Cope, and Heal After the Death of a Child,” a book dedicated to her beautiful daughter, Lexi, who died more than 10 years ago in a car crash.

Since the day Kelly was painfully initiated into the Grieving Parents Club, other members have been there to help, support, and encourage her in the darkest hours. Now, with this book, Kelly hopes to offer hope to other grieving parents and make sure they know they’re never alone in their journey.

Kelly lives with her family in east central Illinois and recently formed a non-profit organization called “The Grieving Parents Club ( based on the powerful love and support that grieving parents show each other on a daily basis.

Hope… the Best of Things by Jony Eareckson Tada

Hope… the Best of Things by Jony Eareckson Tada

One thing has saved her: the heaven-sent hope found only in Christ.

Hope... the best of things by Joni Eareckson TadaIf hope is scarce in your life, this special booklet will draw you-toward a fresh perspective on suffering, true scriptural encouragement, and this beloved author’s hard-won insights about the goodness of God.

In her life’s journey Joni has learned to meet suffering on God’s terms. She has learned that joy is for real. And most of all, she has learned that hope is the best of things when we give it a chance. This book powerfully communicates all these truths from someone who has lived them, so that you can live them too, no matter what you’re going through.

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About the author:

Joni Eareckson TadaJoni Eareckson Tada is the founder of Joni and Friends, an organization accelerating Christian outreach in the disability community that numbers 610 million people worldwide. This organization operates out of the new Joni and Friends International Disability Center located in Agoura Hills, California. Joni is not only an international disability advocate but an artist and the author of numerous bestselling books, including Pearls of Great Price, Diamonds in the Dust, More Precious Than Silver, the Platinum award-winning Joni, Heaven: Your Real Home, When God Weeps, and The God I Love.

When There Is No Miracle by Robert L. Wise

When There Is No Miracle by Robert L. Wise

You don’t always need a miracle to find light in times of darkness
Heartbreak is impartial. Tragedies–global and personal–strike every day. Destruction, anxiety, and catastrophe have become our daily companions.

When there is no miracleOver his long career, Robert Wise has been on the front lines of disaster. From the Oklahoma City bombing to 9/11’s ground zero to the bedsides of lost loved ones, Wise has stood on tragic ground and ministered to those who have lost seemingly everything. Each of those hurting people asked the same questions: Why do the innocent suffer? Why doesn’t God deliver the light of miracles in the darkest times?

In the midst of his own questioning, Wise has discovered some surprising and encouraging answers. In this book, he shares those lessons, encouraging all those who struggle. You’ll learn some unexpected positive benefits of pain and suffering, and see how God is always behind the scenes working for the ultimate good–even when you can’t see or imagine how.

“With transparency and compassion, Wise delivers numerous illustrations of God’s incredible timing along with His grace, His mercy, and the unbelievable healing power of His love.”
–S. Bryan Hickox, Emmy-winning television producer

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About the Author

Dr. Robert Wise, Ph.D., pastor of an Evangelical Episcopal church in Oklahoma City, author, lecturer, and Bible teacher, is known throughout this hemisphere, in Europe, and in the Far East. The author of twenty books, his works have been translated into German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and are widely read in Europe. He is married and the father of four children.