People Skills for Christians: How to Change Behaviors That Sabotage Believers’ Lives

People Skills for Christians: How to Change Behaviors That Sabotage Believers’ Lives

Is dealing with difficult people causing you frustration and unhappiness? Or, are you unsure about what being a Christian should look like in your daily interactions with others?

If you’re like Tony Munson, you may not have even realized there is a better way to deal with people−and that our lack of skill with people robs us of happiness, health, and financial success. This discovery changed Tony’s life. He’s convinced that if you apply the principles in this book, it will change your life, as well.

In People Skills for Christians, Tony gives practical tools you can use right now to fix (and avoid) many of the common problems Christians face when interacting with others. In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Become a “civilized” believer. Learn the people skills you may not have been taught in school.
  • Stop the bleeding in strained relationships by applying relevant godly wisdom and secular principles.
  • Increase your quality of life by not saying and doing things that disqualify you from opportunities.
  • Strengthen the church body by not giving people reasons to disconnect from the local church.

Don’t leave your interactions with others up to chance! You can become good with people and experience all of the benefits that come with those healthy relationships.
Here’s what others have to say about People Skills for Christians:

“People Skills For Christians will teach you how to manage your greatest asset, your relationships. We live in a time where people have forgotten or have never learned to communicate effectively. In this book, Tony has given us no-nonsense, practical advice and practices to take our communications and interactions with others to the next level. Enjoy!” – Chuck Ford, Pastor, Relate Church

“Tony offers practical and timeless wisdom for believers young and old. Putting these skills into practice will improve your work and family relationships in addition to increasing your effectiveness in living out the Great Commission.” – James Penick, The Summit Church

“Clear, concise instructions for better relationships at home or in the workplace. People Skills for Christians is a tool built on Biblical principles that can help you navigate through the relational storms of life.” – Dennis Cummins, Pastor,

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