The Candle Star (Divided Decade Collection) by Michelle Isenhoff

The Candle Star (Divided Decade Collection) by Michelle Isenhoff

After a tantrum, Emily Preston is shipped from her plantation home to her inn-keeping uncle in Detroit. There she meets Malachi, son of freed slaves, who challenges many ideas she grew up believing. But when Emily stumbles upon two runaways hidden in her uncle’s barn, she finds that old ways die hard. And Mr. Burrows, the charming Southern slave catcher, is only yards away, lodged in the hotel.

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Likened to the well-loved tales of Ann Rinaldi, The Candle Star contains an abundance of accurate pre-American Civil War-era context, including:

  • slavery
  • the Underground Railroad
  • Detroit history
  • Northern and Southern economies
  • the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
  • each side’s contributions to the start of war
This powerful story abounding in rich imagery, pathos, and beautifully turned phrases is an ideal accompaniment to an American history course or simply a stirring read for those interested in bygone days. The price is kept deliberately low so you can feel good about downloading your copy today.
The Divided Decade Collection includes three stand alone stories that view the American Civil War through three different lenses. All are set within Michigan. The Candle Star features the Underground Railroad. Blood of Pioneers illustrates the trials faced on the rural homefront after the menfolk leave for war. And Beneath the Slashings is set within a Northern lumber camp filled with returning soldiers. The books can be read out of order or read alone, depending on the theme that most interests the reader or most closely relates to a classroom curriculum. All three have been highly acclaimed by teachers and home schoolers. Each has lesson plans and additional resources available.

From the Author

As a reader, I love nothing better than losing myself in a good book. As a history buff, I imagine the stories of our past in living, breathing detail. As a teacher and homeschooler, I see the possibilities of immersing history lessons within an entertaining reading experience. As an author, I put together the entire package.