Mixed Intentions by Laurie Penner

Mixed Intentions by Laurie Penner

Sarah Lynn Jones receives threatening messages as someone tries to break into her house. What is going on?

When someone tries to kill her dog in the normally peaceful mountain community, Sarah Lynn grows more desperate. Her best friend’s husband works with the local police force to track down the culprit while Sarah Lynn stays away from home for safety. But Ben Striker, the new quality control manager where she works, offers to watch her house at night in exchange for overnight lodging until he can buy his own place . Protective sales manager Mark Slack is not happy about this, figuring he should have that job since he’s been pursuing Sarah Lynn romantically for some time.

Eventually, Sarah Lynn discovers that her husband left her an antique worth millions of dollars. After a clever switch results in the item’s disappearance, she and her friends discover its location before the police do, drawing all concerned into a wild off-road chase for its recovery.

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About the Author

I am retired and living with my husband David in the beautiful County of Siskiyou at the very top of California. After dwelling in several places in Siskiyou County, we finally settled in our current location in 1994, surrounded by mountains, pines and oak trees, with a wonderful view of Mt. Shasta. We consider whatever wildlife that happens by as our “pets” and enjoy the opportunity to see lots of deer and newly born fawns.