Hyde and Seek (Angel Paws) by Jordan Taylor

Hyde and Seek (Angel Paws) by Jordan Taylor

Hyde & SeekHyde has a will of his own. With lives at stake, can Catherine trust him?

When Catherine discovers herself the guardian of a filthy, skinny puppy, she has every intention of finding him a good home. She does not mean for it to be her home. Now, Hyde has grown into a big, powerful dog and her best friend. By joining mountain search and rescue, Catherine hopes to turn this accidental relationship into a blessing for more than just the two of them. Soon, however, she wonders if she has made a terrible mistake. . . .

Stories in the Angel Paws series celebrate the unique bond between canines and humans with heartfelt, moving, and insightful tales for anyone who has ever loved a dog.

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About the author

Author of fiction from short stories to epics, designer of award-winning book covers, lover of travel and ice cream, Jordan finds it easier to write a novel than remember to keep up a blog.

Jordan writes historical fiction (mostly World War One and steampunk), contemporary fiction from dog stories to thrillers to paranormal and occasional romance, and middle grade and young adult titles. Her series include; Lightfall, eight YA novels mixing historical fantasy, dystopia, and zombies in the Wild West; Great War Centennial, shorts honoring the 100-year anniversary of WWI; and the best-selling Angel Paws stories, suitable for dog lovers of all ages.