Living Like Lions: 20 Influential Christian Men, Past and Present

Living Like Lions: 20 Influential Christian Men, Past and Present

Christian Church history produced a number of men whose lives reflect the tenacious fervor of lions. In Living Like Lions each man challenges us to rise above the contemporary definitions of masculinity and embrace God’s goodness and godliness. These short Christian biographies reveal the tenacity, strength and love necessary to lead in the home, community, and church. Watch as a monk stands face-to-face against the emperor of Rome – a bishop defies armed soldiers – an artist resurrects hope for the lost.

Living Like Lions is perfect for both casual reading and small group study. Learn about each of the following spiritual giants:

Oswald Chambers
C.S. Lewis
Woodrow Wilson
William Wilberforce
Jim Elliot
Augustine of Hippo
Ambrose of Milan
John Chyrsostom
John R. Mott
David Brainerd
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
G.K. Chesterton
Makoto Fujimura
Blaise Pascal
R.G. LeTourneau
Johann Sebastian Bach
Dr. Francis Collins
Brother Lawrence

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“It’s a biblical truth that as iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another. Like a blacksmith with his anvil, Duren strikes eachpage harder than the last. He takes the very marrow of these men andsaturates each page, paragraph, and sentence.

All of mankind has something God-given living inside them, waiting to beignited, waiting to be awoken. Living Like Lions doesn’t just seek tokeep us accountable for our sins and successes– it seeks to wake us up. It seeks for us to live a grand adventure.” – Melissa Perea, author of Seeds of Hate and Dismantled Sun

“When one imagines a lion, a majestic animal supremely in control comes tomind. With Christ we can be in control. We can find our role and moveforward in love just as these 20 men did, as so artfully described by J. R. Duren. I highly recommend this book to inspire you to do justthat.” – Doug Cornelius, author

“With so manyexamples of lives poorly lived out there, it is so refreshing toglimpse the inner workings of 20 lives that made a difference. Although many are familiar names, as I moved through the book I began torealize how little I knew about several, to say nothing of those I hadpreviously not known.”

It is not simply areader’s digest synopsis of the individual, but the art of the book isin J.R.’s relentless bringing forward of the key points as challengesinto our lives.” – Tom Trotter, missions paster
From the Author
I believe there is a strong, decisive man in each one of us. Years of mistakes and regret bury that strength and decisiveness. So, we fight our way through life feeling like something just isn’t right; that something is broken.

I don’t want to live like that, and I know most men don’t want to live like that. Each man’s in Living Like Lions pushes us to uncover the masculinity we’ve lost.

My hope for you is that Living Like Lions makes you question everything you know about being a man. Not a questioning that makes you doubt who you are, but a questioning that digs down into your identity and uncovers the strength and leadership you’ve always wanted to find.

Be aimless no longer. Think for yourself. Lead. Be strong. Love Jesus. That’s the message of Living Like Lions.