40 Prayers for Leaders (40 Prayers Series)

40 Prayers for Leaders (40 Prayers Series)

God provided everything we need to understand regarding servant leadership through stories in the Bible. The Bible is the ultimate leadership book. Over the past one hundred years business leaders have become more and more separated from the work of God’s church. A pastor or priest is admired as the highest form of spiritual leader in the community. God never intended for spiritual leaders to lead only in our churches. We need spiritual leaders in our businesses, governments, communities, and nonprofit organizations.

Everyone is a leader in some aspect of his life. Popular culture places top-level executives, sports pros, politicians, and movie stars in high standing as leaders. But Jesus has a purpose and leadership position for everyone, whether that purpose is big and challenging or simple and mundane.

Everyone is a leader. These prayers for leaders will draw you closer to Jesus while uncovering the leadership talents God gives you in the areas in which you serve. Our hope is that these verses and prayers will strengthen your prayer time with Jesus regarding your leadership characteristics and impact on others. Communicate with God every day and enrich your life and journey with Him.
These 40 prayers are based on Christ-like leadership characteristics and biblical leaders. Some of the prayers relate to a biblical story. If you are unfamiliar with the Bible stories, read theBbible verse first and then read the prayer. If you want to read the full Bible story of the leaders highlighted in this book, read the full chapter or chapters surrounding the Bible verse.

Leaders are role models for future generations. There is a lack of spiritual leadership in our country, which leads to moral decay. This is a critical time because we are in need of honest, visionary, Christ-like leaders around the world. We need leaders, like Jesus, who are not afraid to speak the truth; a leader who is morally ethical, just, and compassionate; a leader who prays and is humble; one who leads with the guidance of God’s right hand and a Bible on his desk. Where are these leaders? Are you one?

To God be the glory,

Dr. Bett Mickels and D. Duane Engler

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