Experience Christmas: Preparing Your Heart for the Manger Through the Stories and Songs of the Season

Experience Christmas: Preparing Your Heart for the Manger Through the Stories and Songs of the Season

There is so much to do and share with our loved ones at Christmastime, it’s possible to reduce the season to a holiday checklist we methodically work our way through. If we aren’t intentional with the moments we have in the month of December, we can find ourselves on the 25th filled to the full of the good things this season brings, but missing the very best thing of all.

Experience Christmas by Christine TrevinoThat’s what the Experience Christmas devotional is about—making space during a beautiful, but hectic time of year to wonder at the miracle of Christmas. Each devotional is formatted to engage the heart through Scripture, song, reflection, and prayer. Sprinkled throughout the book are fictionalized vignettes capturing what the characters of the Biblical story might have been thinking or feeling as they experienced the Nativity in real time.

Formatted for both individual or group study, Experience Christmas is an incredible tool for both believer and seeker to engage the Biblical narrative in a new way. It clearly outlines the plan of Salvation and challenges the reader to prepare their heart for the manger during the first twenty-five days of December to experience this Christmas season, like no Christmas season they’ve experienced before.

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Christine Trevino author photoChristine Trevino is an author, blogger, and freelance writer. She’s wife to Michael, homeschooling boy mom of three, and lover of words. A large portion of the scripts she’s written for church drama presentations can be found online for free at her self-titled blog www.christinetrevino.com, where you can also find her chatting about faith, family, and creativity regularly. She is passionate about the power creative arts can have in the Church and in the hearts of individuals to bring them closer to Christ. She hopes her new book Experience Christmas might be one of those tools in your life.