Cottonmouth and the River (Cottonmouth Series Book 1) – Casey Fritz

Cottonmouth and the River (Cottonmouth Series Book 1) – Casey Fritz

Cottonmouth-and-the-riverMeet Freddie Cottonmouth – A Boy Who Loves the River, Big Adventures, and a Furry Beast named Tug.
Tug loves taking Freddie on wild adventures—trips to the moon, building castles, or catching fireflies with Freddie riding on his wide furry back. When Freddie finds a mysterious egg, Tug makes him promise never to eat it. But Freddie is about to discover that broken promises come at a great price.

This is the rare children’s story—both bold and tender and brimming with moments of great risk, adventure, and heart. Combining the artistic wonder of Where the Wild Things Are with the timeless storytelling of The Polar Express, this story will capture both the imagination and the intelligence of children and their parents as it sheds light on the power of sin, sacrifice, and redemption.

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“A feast for the eyes and rich in meaning, Cottonmouth And The River is truly something special.”
-Bob Smiley Writer, Nickelodeon’s The Haunted Hathaways

“Casey Fritz has given families a deep and profound truth in a child-like way. With beautiful illustrations and heart changing words Cottonmouth And The River is a sure must add to every young parent’s library. My heart was moved by the story, and my guess is yours will be too.”
Elyse Fitzpatrick Author of Give Them Grace

“Artistic, poetic, mysterious, and ingenious, Cottonmouth And The River is a great read. It digs its hooks into you and pulls you deep into the story’s world. After I finished reading it to my kids, the first thing they said was, ‘Can we read it again Dad?'”
John Mark ComerFather of Three / Author of Loveology

“It is rare to find a book in this genre as wonderfully written and beautifully drawn as Cottonmouth And The River. Even more rare to find them packed with the themes of sacrifice and redemption. This book is a gift.”
Tim Chaddick Father of Three / Pastor at Reality LA

“In the wilderness of Christian children’s books, many mirages exist, promising an oasis, but instead offering the dry sands of moralism. Casey’s book stands like that famous Rock in the desert offering the thirsty and weary the cool, sweet waters of the gospel. I, with fresh tears in my eyes, recommend this book not only to kids, but to adults as well, that we might all be reminded by this wonderful, beautifully drawn story of the great adventurous story we are all in.”
Josh Kehler Father of Four / Pastor at Reality Stockton
About the Author
Casey “C.S.” Fritz is both master artist and writer – creating story with words and illustrations. In 2011, he was nominated as Arizona Visual Artist of the Year. He is now pastor of Family Ministries for Reality LA. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two young children.