A Deadly Secret: Christian Romance by Anne Elliot Moore

A Deadly Secret: Christian Romance by Anne Elliot Moore

Cara is twenty one and has been on the run for months now, a witness to a gruesome murder she has no choice but to run. Hopping from job to job she manages to elude her pursuers until now. When she is finally tracked down and has to run again. Her lonely journey is beginning to take its toll on her and she finds some unexpected help along the way.

Will she remain on the road or will she face her situation head on? With the help of Mikhail she finds some solace as she is chased and the two begin to see in each other more than friendship. What awaits them both can only end one way. Only when they put their faith in God will they find what they have both been looking for all this time.

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About the author

A writer for many years, Anne has created works in mainly the romance genre and in its various sub-genres. Beginning to write at an early age she discovered her passion for writing and has made it into a lifestyle.

“As a writer you get to explore many aspects of yourself and others, it really is wonderful how the human condition can be portrayed through works of fiction and especially romance. I would not be the person I am today if I it wasn’t for my love of writing.

One of my favorite topics to write is Christian fiction and Christian books. I decided to look at Amazon as my way to reach the public in this area because I could not find any Christian book stores or Christian book distributors that I was comfortable writing for. My goal overall and in this sub-genre is to produce top christian books for people to read and like.

I write more frequently the more common romance novels or romance books. Romantic stories for me in general allow me to express myself the most and there is so many different things you can work with in a less restrictive playing field. I grew up reading good romance books and I was hooked. And knew early on that I wanted to write stories like that even if never to sell them.” – A.E. Moore