Beautifully Broken takes an inside look at the internal struggles that are common to women of all ages.

For every heartbreak, break-up, and breakdown God has a breakthrough. It is in our brokenness that we learn the most valuable of lessons. A heart that feels like it has been broken into a hundred tiny little pieces is the perfect candidate to be beautifully broken.

God is able to pick up every last one of those tiny little pieces and put them back together in the most unexpected and beautiful of ways. This book encourages you through the Word of God and testimonies that you do not have to be afraid of letting go of the broken pieces that are in your mind, heart, and life. It is the BROKEN pieces that BUILD the most BEAUTIFUL of testimonies. Being BROKEN is not the end…it is the BEGINNING.

From the Author
I was once a very broken person, lost on the inside, while smiling on the outside. When Jesus stepped in, He transformed my life and I have never been the same! He used my brokenness to make me whole again. I hope this book blesses you and encourages you in the Lord!


Readers’ Favorite Quotes from Beautifully Broken:

  • “God can turn a life that is broken into a thing of beauty.”
  • “Know who God is and you will know what love is.”
  • “He loves you with perfect love that heals the heart and mends the holes that life leaves behind.”
  • “To be beautifully broken is to be broken before the Lord.”

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