Adams Mourning, book by Dawnya SasseKansas, 1888: Sarah Kunz arrives in Adams, Kansas to fulfill her father’s dream but when both parents die in sudden succession can Sarah find the courage to make the dream her own? Opposed by political forces, Sarah must learn to trust a God she cannot see, an Aunt she hardly knows and a handsome stranger out to win her heart.

In a town owned by one man, can a young woman stand against him and survive?

Based on the true stories of men and women who fought to tame the western towns of the Great Plains. Adams Mourning is the first novella in The Adams Series. These books draw on the inspiring faith of the pioneers who believed, against all odds, God was on their side.

This sweet Christian romance offers a fresh view of prairie life and frontier love in the 19th Century Great Plains. Adam’s Mourning offers readers a clean and wholesome, western romance based on true stories of inspirational religious faith. Love historical romance? This book is for you.

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