Here it is! A handy little booklet chock full of helpful ideas to make your class ‘ZING’! There are six categories of ideas ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Need a fresh attack on making the simple FUN? Here it is! Children’s workers everywhere are grateful to have this as part of their arsenal against boredom and dulls-ville.

Patricia Meyers is a wife, mother, and grandmother, writer and blogger with a love for life and a passion for God and her family. Patricia Meyers (Miss Pat) has been keeping kids’ attention for over 30 years — in Children’s Church, in schools, in a Sidewalk Sunday School format, and at home. She can help you keep their attention, too. And help you have a great classroom and a great team if you are a Children’s Minister. She has created many books and products to make your goal of teaching and reaching children smoother and more effective. In addition she just released the first in a series of books for young children full of fun and laughs and interesting detail as well as a strong underlying message. You will love them for your children and grandchildren.

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